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  1. Real-Time Bacterial Tracking For Improved Treatments

    Researchers from Johns Hopkins have shown in mice that the epicenter of bacterial infection and the type of bacteria itself can be imaged accurately. This advance could change the way infections are treated, and could lead to a reduction in antibiotic use.

  2. Artificial Pancreas To Begin Clinical Trials

    A new medical device that operates like an artificial pancreas is set to begin clinical trials. Overseen by a multi-university team with NIH funding, the device is capable of monitoring blood glucose, delivering insulin responsively, and connecting with a smartphone.

  3. Department Of Homeland Security Investigates Medical Device Cybersecurity Flaws

    The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is currently investigating dozens of cybersecurity cases related to medical devices and their potential for exploitation. The focus is on finding and rectifying vulnerabilities. 

  4. FDA Details Labeling Requirements For MTB-Complex Testing Devices

    Manufacturers of nucleic acid-based in vitro diagnostic devices used for the detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex (MTB-complex) should take a variety of steps to prevent false-negative and false-positive results, according to recommendations from an FDA Class II special controls guidance.

  5. New Implantable Eye Devices Could Replace Reading Glasses

    Presbyopia, the age-related condition that reduces near vision, can now be treated using implantable technology and a ten-minute procedure.

  6. Biodegradable Medical Device Research Receives More Funding

    The efforts of a three university team to tailor the biodegradable properties of magnesium alloys have recently led to dissolvable fixation devices and stents, among other medical devices.

  7. Detecting Cancer Earlier Is Goal Of Rutgers-Developed Medical Imaging Technology

    A new medical imaging method being developed at Rutgers University could help physicians detect cancer and other diseases earlier than before, speeding treatment and reducing the need for invasive, time-consuming biopsies.

  8. Google Heads $542 Million Investment In Device Startup

    Google led a group of heavyweight investors in pouring $542 million of Series B financing into Magic Leap Inc., a Miami-based startup that is developing a new type of augmented reality device that could have myriad applications.

  9. Surgical Bed Startup Signs Seven Figure Military Deal

    For injured military personnel, setting up field hospitals quickly can literally mean the difference between life and death. A new solution for surgical beds excels in this environment and will be used by at least one branch of the military for all forward operating theaters.

  10. Medical Device Disruption: Eminent Change Could Cost $34 Billion

    The medical device market segment is poised for disruptive change according to an AT Kearney report. In fact, the disruption may already be underway, and $34 billion of the market share could be at stake. 

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