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  1. High-Tech Analysis Of Genetic Data May Yield New Test For Endometriosis

    Using sophisticated computer-based technology to analyze genetic data obtained from uterine tissue, researchers have identified patterns of genetic activity that can be used to diagnose endometriosis, an often-painful condition that occurs when tissue that normally lines the inside of the uterus grows outside the uterus.

  2. Boston Scientific Bombarded With Trial Losses Over Transvaginal Mesh

    Boston Scientific recently absorbed consecutive defeats in federal court trials over transvaginal mesh devices, a trend that could make it more likely for the medical device company to settle thousands of other lawsuits over the implants.

  3. AdvaMed Applauds Japan’s New Device Regulatory Framework

    Stephen J. Ubl, president and CEO of the Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed), recently released the following statement in conjunction with the Nov. 25 implementation date for Japan’s new Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Law (PMDL).

  4. X-Ray Laser Imaging Advances To Nanometer Scale

    Using an X-ray laser to create diffraction patterns, scientists were recently able to visualize individual carboxysomes without crystallizing them. At about 115 nanometers, carboxysomes are the smallest biological specimen studied by an X-ray laser to date.

  5. New Metamaterial Enables Bone-Penetrating Ultrasound

    Researchers recently developed a new acoustic metamaterial that improves ultrasonic penetration through bone and other challenging structures. The enhanced imaging capabilities could improve ultrasound for a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

  6. New Medical Device Reduces Vascular Scarring

    Delivering retinoid antioxidants to an artery that has undergone surgery with a newly developed biodegradable membrane has been shown to significantly reduce vascular scarring. Enhanced healing like this may lead to better long-term outcomes by preventing restenosis of vessels.

  7. Is Medical Device Data The New Lifeblood Of The Industry?

    To remain competitive, medical device manufacturers may have to do things they haven’t done before, like becoming active in direct patient care and taking on degrees of financial risk. As the Affordable Care Act matures, changes like this may cascade through the industry. 

  8. J&J Seeks $7.2 Billion From Boston Scientific Over Guidant Deal

    A New York federal court recently commenced a trial initiated by Johnson & Johnson against Boston Scientific for $7.2 billion worth of damages and interest over a botched deal to acquire the medical device manufacturer Guidant nearly a decade ago.

  9. Will Deregulation Save Healthcare Robotics In Japan?

    Sweeping changes have been proposed to Japan’s robotics regulatory environment, an area that some say is stifling innovation. If successful, Japan’s tiny healthcare robotics segment could tap into the country’s vast potential and expertise.

  10. Health Officials Propose Increased Transparency In Clinical Trials

    Health officials are proposing a significant increase in the reporting requirements for clinical trials used to test drugs, medical devices, and other interventions. The potential new regulations are aimed at preventing unnecessary trial duplication and ensuring that results from human subjects are put to the greatest possible use.

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