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  1. Novartis Partners with Robot Pill Maker To Pursue “Holy Grail of Drug Delivery"

    Rani Therapeutics has announced a collaboration with Novartis to investigate Rani’s novel drug delivery platform. The two companies will team to develop large-molecule, injectable biologics into an orally-delivered robotic pill, a monumental task that researchers call the “holy grail” of drug delivery.

  2. Cinven Pays $1.3 Billion For European Diagnostics Provider Labco

    Private equity firm Cinven recently purchased a majority stake in European diagnostic laboratory operator Labco S.A. The acquisition reflects the continuing growth of the clinical diagnostics space as more emphasis is placed upon preventive health services.

  3. Johnson & Johnson Accepts Cardinal Health's $2B Binding Offer To Acquire Cordis

    Johnson & Johnson announced on May 28 the acceptance of the March 1, 2015 binding offer from Cardinal Health to acquire its Cordis business for an approximate value of $2 billion. Johnson & Johnson expects the transaction to close toward the end of 2015, subject to regulatory clearances and other customary closing conditions.

  4. Tiny, Implantable Chip Could Monitor Blood, Send Data To Smartphone

    A new wireless biosensor placed just under the skin could offer weeks of continual blood analysis and communicate the results directly to a smartphone. If successfully developed, the device could take the place of invasive and inconvenient blood tests, and offer doctors a real-time assessment of how a drug is performing.

  5. India Launching Nationwide Medical Device Surveillance Program

    India’s government soon will launch a nationwide safety and surveillance program for medical devices. It is the first system to collect information on medical devices used specifically in India. To date, the country's healthcare providers have relied mostly on foreign data to determine the safety profiles of medical devices.

  6. New Chip Could Test For “Superbugs” In 1 Hour

    Canadian scientists have developed a diagnostic tool that can test for antimicrobial-resistant (AMR) “superbugs” in hours, rather than days. Because the process is significantly shortened, the researchers believe their new chip could take the guesswork out of infection diagnostics and help clinicians prescribe effective antibiotics sooner.

  7. Visionary Physician Eric Topol, M.D., To Speak At AdvaMed 2015: The MedTech Conference

    AdvaMed 2015: The MedTech Conference, the leading gathering of medical technology executives in North America, has announced that visionary physician Eric Topol, M.D., will deliver a plenary session during the conference on Tuesday, October 6.

  8. Medtronic CEO Eyes Acquisitions in China

    In response to policy and market changes, Medtronic is adopting a new strategy in China, expanding its portfolio of value products instead of relying on premium device sales. The company also is eyeing potential acquisitions among local players in the Chinese device market.

  9. 3D Printed Graphene Shows Potential For Tissue Engineering

    A Northwestern University team has developed a formula for bio-ink that contains more graphene per volume than had previously been achieved. The graphene-based bio-ink can be used to 3D print structures for a variety of biomedical applications including biosensors, implants and even tissue engineering.

  10. Intent-Controlled Prosthetic Enables More Natural Movement

    By attaching an implant to the area of the brain that plans movement, researchers have found that a robotic prosthetic can be operated using only a patient’s intent. Exploring the potential of this part of the brain, researchers believe, could create options for a more natural mind-controlled prosthetic that moves more smoothly than its predecessors.

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