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  1. Pregnancy Test + Nanotechnology = Fast, Cheap Kidney Failure Test

    Scientists in the U.K. are developing a $15 device that could potentially diagnose kidney failure at home. The device combines the technology of a home pregnancy test with nanotechnology to provide fast results that could potentially link to a doctor’s office through mobile technology.

  2. Cyberonics, Sorin Agree To $2.7B Merger And Relocation To U.K.

    Houston-based Cyberonics announced plans for a $2.7 billion merger with Italian device maker Sorin S.p.A. that will relocate the base of operations for both companies to the U.K. The merger will combine Cyberonics’ neuromodulation expertise with Sorin’s portfolio of cardiovascular devices.

  3. Superbug Victims File Suits Against Olympus For Injury, Wrongful Death

    Attorneys for the victims of a superbug outbreak at a Los Angeles hospital have filed lawsuits seeking damages against the manufacturer of tainted duodenoscopes implicated in the outbreak.

  4. Skin Test Could Lead To Earlier Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Diagnoses

    Scientists have isolated a biomarker in the skin that could potentially help diagnose neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Since the biomarker can be found in a skin biopsy rather than a more invasive brain biopsy, the test could shed additional light on the diseases and lead to an earlier pathological diagnosis.

  5. Bionic Reconstruction Enables 3 Men To Replace Nonfunctioning Hands

    Three Austrian men were the first to undergo a new “bionic reconstruction” procedure, which enabled them to use mind-controlled prosthetic hands. The patients all suffered from brachial plexus injury, which has been called an “inner neurological amputation” because it completely separates the hand from its owner’s control.

  6. New Quality Management Software Designed Specifically For Medical Devices
    2/26/2015 recently announced the public release of its cloud-based quality management software exclusively for the medical device community. allows medical device manufactures to bring new products to market faster while reducing risk by providing an integrated quality system that is easy to use and designed for regulatory compliance.

  7. Boston Scientific May Buy Endo’s Medical Device Business For $2B

    Boston Scientific is reportedly close to acquiring the AMS (American Medical Systems) medical device business of Endo Pharmaceuticals.

  8. Could 3D-Printed Guides Enable Personalized Nerve Regeneration Therapy?

    Using 3D printed nerve guidance conduits, University of Sheffield researchers have succeeded in helping nerves to repair themselves in vivo.

  9. Magnetic Nanoparticles Could Quickly Dissolve Stroke-Causing Blood Clots

    Researchers have created a novel delivery system for stroke drugs using magnetic nanoparticles. They claim the technique could provide much greater accuracy and speed than current clinical standards in ischemic stroke intervention.

  10. Scientists Developing Bionic Hand That Provides Realistic Tactile Sensations

    UK scientists have launched a $2.2 million dollar project to design a “bionic hand” capable of communicating tactile sensations to the brain. If the effort is successful, the virtual hand will sense temperature, pressure, and position, allowing the patient more versatile and realistic sensations.

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