Newsletter | April 20, 2021

04.20.21 -- 10 Actions To Prepare For The U.K. Conformity Assessment Process

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Guidance For Lab Washer Cleaning In Life Sciences

The principal concern for any scientist or technician working in the laboratory is that glassware, instruments, and equipment must be free of interfering residues.

Unique Wheelchair Opens The Road Less Traveled

The GRIT Freedom Chair features Protolabs' sheet metal parts and helps persons with disabilities break through barriers.

Dipcoating With UV Curing Process For Medical Coatings

DSM Biomedical offers hydrophilic, lubricious, non-biofouling coating technologies. DSM offers ready-to-use coating reagents that can be applied onto a range of substrates using various coating techniques. This video gives a demonstration of the most widely used application process for DSM’s medical coatings, specifically a dipcoating with a UV curing process.

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