Newsletter | May 19, 2020

05.19.20 -- 10 Phases Of An Effective CAPA | Robotic Handling For Pre-filled Syringes

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Health Of A Quality System; The Commitment To Quality

For medical device manufacturers and FDA/ISO registered facilities, the integrity of quality systems is critical. Ensuring the quality system is suitable, efficient, and effective for business needs and customers is a key focus. 

Advancing Bioabsorbable Scaffolds With Polymer Technology

Treating CAD with bioresorbable vascular scaffolds (BRS) is considered by many to be the “next revolution” in endovascular therapy. This paper presents the basics of BRS technology, its processing and manufacturing challenges, and its advantages in use with polymer technologies.

Innovative Robotic Handling For Pre-filled Syringes

Address the challenge of implementing an inspection method to automate testing pre-filled syringes in a nested tray.

Current Trends In Medical Kit Packaging

Today’s version of the medical procedure kit comprises stackable, efficient, sterile, and identifiable trays or pouches stocked with essential equipment for specific surgeries, tests, and examinations. 

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