Newsletter | May 12, 2022

05.12.22 -- 21 CFR 820's New Terminology & Country-Specific Terms For Medical Device Quality

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Using Modeling And Simulation In Medical Device Development

Computational modeling and simulation (CM&S) can replicate in-vitro and in-vivo test environments and conditions, lessening the reliance on physical testing. Using virtual testing to validate medical device safety and effectiveness accelerates development and lowers costs. CM&S also reduces risks inherent in exposing patients to physical testing or unproven devices.

A Unique Approach To Primary Container Identification And Traceability

Applying a bar code to glass pharmaceutical containers prior to fill-finish while achieving high legibility and optimum ink adhesion at high speed on a production line is challenging.

Medical Device Industry Guide To Selecting QMS Software

If your company is looking to purchase or develop medical device QMS software, you can’t afford to overlook these 10 most important system capabilities.

Choosing PTFE Tubing: A Comparison Of Film-Cast And Ram-Extruded PTFE Tubing

Nordson MEDICAL has decades of experience with PTFE and has mastered its extrusion and film-cast techniques. They are continuing to innovate with these processes to expand the range of solutions for medical devices.

Finding The Ideal Balance — Where Risk And Cost Of Quality Meet

It is a constant challenge to keep improving product value for customers while reducing overall costs. Part of the solution resides in the functional activities of the risk involved and the cost of quality management. This article delves further into the ideas behind finding the ideal balance of where risk and cost of quality meet.

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