Newsletter | January 7, 2021

01.07.21 -- 3 Creative Ways To Develop A Better UI For Your Medical Device

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Robust By Design: How BD Is Overcoming The Biologics Challenge In Drug Delivery

Autoinjectors used with pre-fillable syringes offer multiple benefits, from providing an accurate dosage to reducing the number of needlestick injuries (needles are protected after use). BD-designed autoinjectors can deliver drugs of differing viscosities in a well-integrated robust system.

Glass-Sealed Connectors Help Increase The Longevity And Reliability Of Medical Devices

Glass-to-metal sealing technology, already used in other harsh-environment applications such as aviation, aerospace, and automotive safety, has emerged as an ideal solution in the development and manufacture of medical connectors. 

How To Establish High-Quality, Sustainable, Dock-To-Stock Programs

Effective dock-to-stock programs ensure optimal outcomes by identifying risks up front, setting clear timelines, and assigning unambiguous responsibilities to all shareholders.

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