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08.02.22 -- 3 Lessons Learned Designing Our Digital Health App

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Molding Process Validation For Medical Devices: Five Things To Know

Understanding what is involved in injection-molding process validation and why it is important will help you choose a molding partner who can provide you with the confidence that your plastic parts will work well every time.

The Benefits Of Design For Manufacturability

Manufacturability describes the degree to which a product can be effectively manufactured, given its design, cost, and distribution requirements. However, it’s a part of the entire process of bringing a new component or medical device to market. 

Tech Talk: VHS Series Solenoid Valve For Bioprinting

Next-generation bioprinters will need fast, precise performance coupled with versatility to create tissue spheroids and extracellular matrix hydrogels. The Lee Company's VHS Series valves have printed a variety of cell cultures with impressive viability and accuracy and are currently in service with numerous commercial customers and research institutions.

Piezoelectric Ultrasound Transducers For Therapeutics

Piezoelectric ultrasonic transducers open up new and innovative therapeutic possibilities that improve or even substitute many established procedures. Minimally invasive and gentle treatment methods with improved therapy success and fewer side effects can be realized using piezoelectric ultrasound transducers. 

Making Drug Delivery More Effective

The life sciences industry is poised to undergo a rapid transformation as regulatory agencies are aggressively opening the door wider to the use of computer modeling and simulation results as evidence in submissions. In this webinar, we explore the arguments for simulation in the life sciences and the future of population-based research and product development.

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