Newsletter | July 20, 2021

07.20.21 -- 5 Foundations Of Lean Leadership For Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Professionals

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NovaPure Stoppers — The Right Choice For Oncology Drugs

Vial containment systems with NovaPure® elastomer stoppers offer substantial performance benefits with their enhanced dimension control, reduced particle levels, inspection of every stopper, and use of FluroTec® film. This article presents the performance of the film and illustrates why NovaPure stoppers should be the choice for sensitive drug products such as those for oncology.

Beyond The Quote: Total Cost Of Ownership With Supply Chain Partnerships

Critical components cannot be sourced like simple parts; they demand greater vendor/customer collaboration, profound depth of knowledge, and a supplier committed more to the relationship than the sale.

Integrating Design And Industrialization To Optimize Cost, Quality & Time

Explore how integrating design and industrialization teams can optimize the cost, quality, and time of developing a novel drug delivery system.

The Market For 3-D Printed Bioresorbable CMF Plates And Other Complex Devices Is Being Redefined By New GMP-Grade Filament Material

The adoption of 3-D printing technologies for implantable medical devices has been relatively slow and largely confined to metal-based implants traditionally used for hip, knee, and spine reconstruction applications. This has been due to challenges in sourcing the right biocompatible materials, validating processes, and adhering to quality and regulatory requirements.

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