Newsletter | June 23, 2020

06.23.20 -- A Novel Medtech Strategic Framework For Post-COVID-19

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FLIR T500-Series Macro Mode: Single-Lens Solution For Imaging Small Targets

Electronics inspection is one of the most common applications for thermal imaging, which typically involves finding hot spots on printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) and ensuring that various components are working within their design limits.

Don’t Let A Shrinking Supply Chain Hinder Innovation

Many medical device companies are shrinking their supply bases, causing innovation challenges. This article explores some of the challenges medical device companies face in selecting their long-term supply chain partners and what characteristics those partners should have.

Tie Layer: A Breakthrough Solution To Catheter Failure

A solution to delamination — separation of material layers within a catheter — lay in the design of an additional material layer between the inner etched PTFE liner and the outer jacket material of the catheter. 

Cultural Audits: What Are They And Why Are They Essential?

The medical device industry is familiar with quality audits but is less familiar with the benefits of having a cultural audit to assess the competence, dedication, and passion that each party brings to the table.

Laser Diffuser Technology Propels Light-Based Therapies Forward

Advanced diffusers can meet the needs of light-based therapies by combining extremely homogenous light output at high powers with the ability to transmit visible, infrared, and ultraviolet wavelengths with high efficiency. 

Ablation Anyone?

The key to addressing two critical areas that affect medical system burden and drive up cost is implementing noninvasive techniques that minimize hospitalizations and tissue damage while getting the patient on their feet as quickly as possible.  

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