Newsletter | May 13, 2021

05.13.21 -- A Road Map To China's Medical Device Registration Process

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Prevention Of Thrombus Accumulation On Vascular Access Products Can Have Positive Impact On Patient Outcomes And Healthcare Costs

Thrombus accumulation on blood-contacting devices such as catheters, vascular stents, or hemodialyzers can lead to device failure or serious complications. Endexo additive technology can modify the surfaces of blood-contacting devices to reduce adhesion and activation of blood components, thereby significantly reducing thrombus formation, associated complications, and overall costs.

Navigating From Additive Manufacturing To Injection Molding

Engineers, designers, and product developers have found these two processes work well together in the product lifecycle, starting with the design-risk mitigation of 3-D printing prototyping and then shifting to the manufacturing method of injection molding for higher volumes.

Improving The Patient Experience Without Sacrificing Quality Of Care

Oncology drugs have rapidly evolved, but the delivery technology for IV- and syringe-based oncology drug treatments has not changed as quickly. Now, West’s SmartDose platform expands patient access to SC delivery via a large-volume device that attaches to the patient. This gives the patient more freedom of movement at the infusion center or allows administration to occur at a different location.

Micromedical Manufacturing Tolerances

Precise miniature plastic parts are the result of exact tooling processes such as micro-tooling and micro-injection molding. By understanding the tolerances of these tooling processes, it’s possible to achieve repeatability and part accuracy for even the most advanced micromedical device.

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