Newsletter | October 6, 2020

10.06.20 -- ASTM Standards: Device & Pharma Cleanability Testing

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Keys To Successful Design For Manufacturability

A product’s manufacturability is influenced by the materials used, requested tolerances, part geometry, process control limitations, and more. A successful DFM process considers each of these factors from the start.

Beyond The Quote: Total Cost Of Ownership With Supply Chain Partnerships

Critical components cannot be sourced like simple parts; they demand greater vendor/customer collaboration, profound depth of knowledge, and a supplier committed more to the relationship than the sale.

Today’s RF Power Applications Require Understanding Equivalent Series Resistance And Q Factor

When current flows through a multilayer ceramic capacitor (MLCC) due to application of alternating voltage, heat is generated in the MLCC due to the losses, specifically ESR. As a result, this self-heating can cause various performance and reliability issues. 

Impact Of PFS Needle Dimensions On High-Volume, High-Viscosity Fluid Delivery

The purpose of this study was to examine the influence of needle inner diameter and length on delivery time across a range of fluid viscosities using a prototype auto-injector device.

How Modeling And Simulating Medical Devices Can Improve Safety And Speed To Market

Do no harm. Medicine’s first principle is absolutely put to the test during the new product development and innovation cycle for “high-risk” medical devices such as implants. 

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