Newsletter | March 27, 2019

03.27.19 -- Better Device Development Using Simulations

Advancing Heart Simulation To Save Lives

The Living Heart Project has brought together a multidisciplinary team of experts to collaborate on breakthrough technology for improved products and treatments for cardiovascular disease. The project’s first output is the Living Heart Model (LHM), a realistic 3D computational model of the human heart. This case study discusses the Living Heart Project and the plans for further developments and clinical applications rising from its efforts.

Evaluate Medical Device Design Robustness By Combining Statistical And Probabilistic Tools With Finite Element Analysis
Finite Element Analysis (FEA) has been widely used to analyze the in vivo structural response of implantable medical devices and assess device performance, reliability and durability. In order to obtain a robust design, parameter variations and their influence on device performance need to be understood.
Living Heart Human Model: Cardiovascular Stent Deployment And Cardiac Cycle Tech Brief

The Living Heart Human Model provides a unique testing environment where a stent can be deployed virtually in coronary arteries and deformed mechanically during the cardiac cycle. Once the mechanical deformation results are obtained, the long-term durability of the stent can be assessed. The virtual nature of the test provides a physiologically accurate methodology to test new and existing devices without exposing patients to unnecessary risk.

Realistic Simulation For Medical Device Developers eBook

Medical device developers use realistic simulation solutions to accelerate the overall product innovation process, reducing development costs, and improving patient safety and product quality. Simulation solutions allow medical device companies to more efficiently evaluate design alternatives, accelerate long-term stress life testing to predict product reliability, collaborate on projects, and leverage computing resources for more efficient design analysis.