Smart SPR SS-1001: Bio-Sensing Instrument For New Measuring Methods


Dissatisfied with conventional biological materials methods because they do not produce satisfactory results? SPR measurement is attracting interest as a method of quickly and simultaneously measuring a number of interactions between biological molecules in order to understand biological functions.

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Bio-Sensing Instrument For New Measuring Methods: Smart SPR SS-1001 - Datasheet

SPR (Surface Plasmon Resonance) measurement's efforts to search for breakthroughs in understanding bodily functions requires techniques to simultaneously and rapidly measure multiple interactions between biomolecules. The Smart SPR SS-1001 combines multichannel and high sensitivity measurement with portability and a high degree of freedom to experiments.

Customizing to fit the purpose of each use also enables analysis of environmental pollutants and gaseous substances, clarifying metal plating processes, etc., normally outside the field of biotechnology. Please feel free to consult with us about the possibilities for customizing.

A bio-material measurement system that can function with a variety of experiments!

  • Real-time analysis of interactions of biological material.
  • Detection of biological materials using antigen-antibody reactions.
  • Inspections for allergens, contaminants, etc.


The SS-1001 is able to perform multichannel, high sensitive measurements.

  • Multichannel
    Through arranging antibodies as an array, sensing of multiple materials is possible. Also, through setting a reference channel, various application experiments become possible such as suppressing nonspecific absorption caused signals in order to increase measurement stability.
  • High Sensitivity
    Sensitivity 10x greater than the Handy SPR have been achieved.
  • High Operability Software
    Saved data can be reanalyzed at a later time. Equipped with difference operator function, influences such as foreign substances and gas bubbles can be guarded against by taking a reference image before measuring. It is possible to set the field of measurement, take measurements and recalculate arbitrarily as desired.



Device Specifications
Detecting System: Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) Imaging
Measurement Array: Kretschmann Configuration
Range of Measurment: 70±5°C
Measurement Chip: 16 × 16 × 1(mm)
Measurement Field: 4.8 × 2 × (mm)

Housing Specifications
Standard Light Source: LED 770nm (FWHM 50nm)
Prism Quality: BK-7
Sensor Equipment: CCD Camera
Dimensions: 290(W) × 160(H) × 120(D) (mm)
Weight: 4.4 kg

PC: Windows Vista PC (Giga Ether Port equipped)

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Bio-Sensing Instrument For New Measuring Methods: Smart SPR SS-1001 - Datasheet

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