Newsletter | August 27, 2019

08.27.19 -- Building, Applying A Configurable Clinical Study Model

Featured Editorial
Building And Applying A Configurable Clinical Study Model
By Jeffrey S. Handen, Ph.D., Yesh Ajgaonkar, and Neil Conroy, Grant Thornton LLP

Last month, we introduced an approach for the rapid assessment and prototyping of digital and other clinical trial technologies. Advances in technologies and digital innovations targeting the clinical research environment are evolving at dizzying rates, and the need to efficiently assess and implement opportunities is greater than ever.

Industry Insights
An Introduction To Vacuum Decay Leak Testing
White Paper | By Oliver Stauffer, PTI Packaging and Inspection Systems

Vacuum decay is a test method that provides significant savings by not wasting product for a leak test and generates return on investment in under six months for many products.

Flexible Substrates For Smart Sensor Applications
White Paper | By Dr. Eckardt Bihler, Dr. Marc Hauer, and Birgit Neubauer, Micro Systems Technologies

A novel approach delivers miniaturized, hermetic, biostable, and highly reliable smart sensor modules.

Tie Layer: A Breakthrough Solution To Catheter Failure
Article | By Matt Allen, Zeus

Product engineers at catheter manufacturing companies are only too aware of the problem of delamination — the separation of material layers within a catheter. The solution lay in the design of an additional material layer between the inner etched PTFE liner and the outer jacket material of the catheter. 

Optimize Your Critical Cleaning Process And Ensure Results
White Paper | Alconox, Inc.

Getting the best results from any cleaner requires proper mixing and cleaning procedures. This article includes mixing directions for aqueous cleaning detergent and methods for monitoring performance.

Peracetic Acid As A Biocide
White Paper | REVOX Sterilization Solutions

Peracetic acid (PAA) is a highly biocidal oxidizer that maintains its efficacy in the presence of organic soil while also removing surface contaminants.  

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