Newsletter | January 7, 2020

01.07.20 -- Clinical Trial Tech Trends

Featured Editorial
Analyzing The Top Clinical Trial Technology Trends
By Mathini Ilancheran, Beroe Inc.

Though the supply of technology has been increasing and regulation of innovative methods is easing, companies have been slow to use the emerging technologies due to ambiguity prevailing around this space and a highly fragmented supply market. This article outlines the key technologies that have a high impact across trial phases.

Industry Insights
Guidance For Lab Washer Cleaning In Life Sciences
White Paper | By Jeff Phillips, Alconox, Inc.

The principal concern for any scientist or technician working in the laboratory is that glassware, instruments, and equipment be free of interfering residues.

Strategies Of Collaborative Co-Development Success
Article | By Mark Gagne, KMC Systems

Co-development projects task the coordination of large groups of talented engineers, assay developers, and support personnel to guide the development activity, such as the development of a complex medical instrument. 

IR Thermography — How It Works
Article | FLIR Systems, Inc - Research & Science

Thermography is accomplished with an IR camera calibrated to display temperature values across an object or scene and allows for non-contact measurements of an object’s temperature. 

Current Trends In Medical Kit Packaging
Article | B. Braun OEM Division

Today’s version of the medical procedure kit comprises stackable, efficient, sterile, and identifiable trays or pouches stocked with essential equipment for specific surgeries, tests, and examinations. 

Medical Device Manufacturer Improves Product Quality Control
Case Study | Dassault Systemes Americas

Osstem Implant adopted an integrated business framework that helps it eliminate traditionally disconnected processes and data and increase the efficiency and accuracy of its product quality control.

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