Newsletter | March 24, 2020

03.24.20 -- COVID-19 Impact On Medtech Regulation

Featured Editorial
Assessing The Impact Of COVID-19 On Regulatory Interactions, Inspections, & Audits
By Laurie Halloran, CEO & Chairwoman of the Board, Halloran Consulting Group, Inc.

The impact of COVID-19 on global health authorities is continuing to evolve. We expect a variety of potential delays in regulatory communication and meetings that will continue for months, if not years. In this article, we review the impact current travel restrictions and the remote working environment are having on regulatory interactions, inspections, and audits.

Working From Home While Living In A Coronavirus World
By Rob Wright, Chief Editor, Life Science Leader

Life Science Leader Chief Editor Rob Wright shares thoughts and best practices on working from home while living in a coronavirus world.

Industry Insights
Use Low-Cost Materials To Increase Target Emissivity
Article | FLIR Systems, Inc - Research & Science

Clean, unoxidized, bare metal surfaces have such low emissivity that they are difficult to measure with a thermal imaging camera. This application note describes how to use a variety of low-cost materials to increase target emissivity in many industrial R&D and electrical applications.

Micromolded Optics: Bringing Clarity To Medicine
Article | By Rick Brown, Accumold

Partnering with an experienced micromolder who can offer design input and has advanced equipment and tooling capabilities can help manufacturers create innovative and complex optical-based components for medical instruments.

What Are All The Discussions About Global Vs. Rolling Shutter?
Article | PCO-TECH Inc.

The shutter in a camera system enables the control of the exposure time and thus the level of signal in an image. The shutter also defines the quality of an image if the objects are moving, as well as setting the environment for experiments, especially involving synchronization with illumination light.

Optimize Your Critical Cleaning Process And Ensure Results
White Paper | Alconox, Inc.

Getting the best results from any cleaner requires proper mixing and cleaning procedures. This article includes mixing directions for aqueous cleaning detergent and methods for monitoring performance.

How BD Achieved Service Transformation
Video | Aquant

In this webinar, you’ll learn how BD empowered their technicians to make accurate, efficient service decisions with AI-powered tools; saw their NPS score skyrocket by prioritizing their technicians’ job satisfaction; and increased morale and retention by listening to the wisdom of their workforce.

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