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05.06.21 -- Dental 3D Printing: Disruptive Trends In The Digital Dentistry Market For 2021

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Managing Cost And Speed — DFM Considerations For Plastic Medical Products

Designing a product with consideration for the manufacturing process can reduce production times and costs, as well as simplify development of transport, storage, and protection solutions.

PEEK, PEI, LSR, And Other Material Options For Medical Prototyping

Developing medical device parts is a high-stakes process, and material choice is an important decision. Five strong contenders include PEEK, PEI, and PPSU; polycarbonates; medical-grade liquid silicone rubber; 3D-printed titanium; and ABS-like WaterShed XC 11122.

Clearing The Hurdles Of Medical Device Prototyping

Material costs, functionality, and turnaround times are major obstacles in medical device prototyping. This article presents tools and techniques to overcome them and explains how the right partner can ensure medical devices are brought to market quickly.

Reducing Human Error In Healthcare Operations And Medical Equipment Management

The digitalization bottleneck poses a real threat to patient outcomes. A solution is the implementation of an IoT platform powered by RFID to enable clinicians to effectively use medical equipment and reduce human error in healthcare processes, which can ensure higher quality of care.

How To Utilize Extrusion To Optimize Processing And Supply Of High-Quality Tubes For Use With Stents, Scaffolds, And Other Medical Devices

This interview with Dr. Thiago Borges covers how to utilize extrusion to optimize the processing and supply of high-quality tubes for use in stents, scaffolds, and other medical devices.

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