Detectors For Ionizing Radiation

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With the X-series First Sensor offers detectors for nuclear radiation including X-or gamma rays but also alpha or beta particle radiation. First Sensor can adopt its radiation detector technology to each individual application.

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Solid state detectors provide a reliable and compact solution for radiation measurement. First Sensor offers both scintillator and direct absorption based detectors. While scintillator detectors use the conversion of nuclear radiation into visible light by luminescence of a scintillator crystal such as CsI or LYSO the detectors based on direct absorption use the interaction of silicon with radiation directly to measure a photocurrent. Especially for low energy X-rays and particle radiation direct absorption is a convenient solution.

Our detectors are available from 0.2mm² active area up to 100mm² and more. Our X100-7 detectors are based on 100mm² active area photodiodes and are available with CsI:Tl scintillator crystals of 8mm and 4mm height and a special scintillator coating process that both maximizes the detection performance and enables cost-effective mass production.

To facilitate easy implementation into customer projects First Sensor offers a compact gamma detector module combining the X100 detector with 8mm CsI scintillator, a low noise 2-stage charge-amplifier, a filter amplifier and a comparator for digital pulse signal output.  The detector module is optimized for detection of gamma radiation of 150keV to 1500keV.

Special features

  • Wafer thickness up to 700 µm
  • Very low dark current signals
  • Very low capacitance levels
  • Minimal series resistance at full depletion


  • Ionizing radiation detector
  • Medical equipment
  • Personal dosimeter
  • Gamma diffraction
  • Radiation monitoring
  • X-ray fluorescence
  • Density measurements


Photodiode Arrays for ionizing radiation

Additionally to single photodiodes First Sensor offers arrays optimized for the detection of X-ray radiation by scintillator luminescence in the blue and green spectral region. Due to the minimal edge spacing of the photodiode elements the arrays are particularly suitable for a seamless linear arrangement of multiple components with a constant photodiode pitch. The photodiode arrays are also available with scintillator crystal. First Sensors arrays for nondestructive X-ray analysis are ideal for security applications such as baggage or container scanning.

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