Newsletter | May 14, 2020

05.14.20 -- Developing A Post-COVID Clinical Trials Strategy

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Selecting The Right Tooling For High-Quality, Cost-Effective Molded Parts

Using the right combination of tooling and design for injection-molded parts will help ensure high quality and cost-effective manufacturing.

Emerging Trends In Wearable Technology Across Several Markets

This white paper provides an overview of trends in wearable technology and discusses emerging applications with a focus on healthcare, industry, robotics, defense, and sport. Examples discuss the impact of wearables in users’ lives and how they improve health, safety, convenience, and performance.

Five Considerations For Working With A Molder — Early In The Product Design Phase (Do’s And Don’ts)

When developing a part or device for the medical or optic industries, the goal is always to get that part to market as quickly as possible. The key to doing just that: Developing a strong relationship with a molder early in the part design process.

When Is Injection Molding The Appropriate Manufacturing Process?

This article discusses how to determine whether injection molding is the appropriate manufacturing process for your application by examining three product factors: 1. material, size, and complexity; 2. manufacturing economics; and 3. prototypes and low-volume production.

Redefining Reliability In Medical Electronic Devices

Reliability is mandatory for medical devices used in monitoring and therapeutic applications. Conventional approaches to reliability can be limited by a lack of historic data that is typical of new technologies, low signal-to-noise ratio related to low production volumes, and long product lifetimes.


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