Newsletter | October 13, 2020

10.13.20 -- Does Your Pre-COVID Data Governance Threaten Data Integrity?

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Keeping You Safe In The ‘Pool’ Of Manufacturing

Protolabs provides medical device and medtech companies with a dramatically reduced level of risk. Working with us directly, you know the ability of everyone in our “pool,” so you don’t have to white-knuckle it, wondering where and how your parts are being produced. 

Container Closure Integrity Testing: The Importance Of Sensitivity, Automation, And Efficiency

This article explores the need for sensitive, reliable, and automated container closure integrity (CCI) testing technologies and demonstrates how existing deterministic solutions can help achieve optimum quality assurance goals in CCI for pharmaceutical manufacturers.

The Only Validation Approach That Gets — And Keeps — Your Molded Part In Spec

When subcontracting medical or optic injection molded components, do you carefully evaluate your molder’s validation process? There is only one approach that is proven to keep your molded parts “in spec”—decoupled molding.

The Criticality Of Process Validation

Process validation is critical in medical device manufacturing, but it often doesn’t get the attention it requires. This article offers guidance for creating validation processes and helps identify the personnel who should create and maintain them.

Laser Diffuser Technology Propels Light-Based Therapies Forward

Advanced diffusers can meet the needs of light-based therapies by combining extremely homogenous light output at high powers with the ability to transmit visible, infrared, and ultraviolet wavelengths with high efficiency. 

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