Newsletter | July 13, 2022

07.13.22 -- Ensuring Quality And A Human Centered Approach For Combination Product Development

The Importance Of A Human-Centered Approach To Product Development

To meet the needs of patients, lifesaving device innovations are needed for the next generation of delivery devices. As drug manufacturers explore the device world, human factors are a key consideration.

Control Strategy Factors For Drug-Device Combination Products

Building a control strategy comprises understanding the connectivity among materials of composition, components, constituent parts, final drug-device combination product, and critical process parameters.

Best Practices For Ensuring Quality In Biologic Products

The objective of manufacturers for biologics packaging and delivery is to fully reduce risk. New biologic therapies have challenges in their packaging and delivery systems because of their complexities, higher stability risks, and larger sizes.

Maximize Global Regulatory Collaboration

When marketing a combination product globally, pharmaceutical manufacturers and drug delivery technology providers must have a collaborative infrastructure based on strategic alignment, proactive regulatory awareness, life cycle support, and continuous improvement globally.

Selecting A Strategic Partner For Your Combination Product

It is imperative to choose an experienced partner that can ensure the highest quality products, minimize supply chain disruptions, and efficiently bring safe, effective drug products to patients.