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05.31.22 -- EU MDR's Benefit-Risk Ratio: Making Your Clinical Evaluations Safety-Focused

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The Benefits Of Aqueous Critical Cleaning In Medical Device Manufacturing

The use of aqueous cleaning in medical device manufacturing can provide numerous benefits in terms of efficacy, minimal surface contact, reduced residue potential, and easier cleaning validation.

The Future Of Virtual Healthcare

The shift to virtual care is transforming healthcare. Thanks to ever-improving technologies and digital tools, virtual care was gaining traction before the COVID-19 pandemic, but accelerated dramatically last year, as providers and patients sought ways to minimize the virus’s spread.

VECTRA MT LCP Brings The Advantages Of Liquid Crystal Polymers To Wearable Injectors

When it comes to the growing field of wearable injectors, an advanced LCP polymer provides a host of benefits over the traditional thermoplastics that designers may default to simply because that is what they have always worked with in the past. As such, it’s important to consult with a materials specialist to take advantage of a more suitable polymer for your product development process.

Choosing The Right Polymer For Your Medical Device Component

What is the standard decision process that a device manufacturer follows to determine which compound is the best for the application? Flexan’s process asks key questions to determine the right outcome, so let’s take a closer look.

Reducing Bacterial Adhesion And Biofouling On Medical Device Surfaces: An Interview With Jeannette Ho

This interview with Jeannette Ho, the head of surface modification at Evonik, discusses opportunities for medical device companies to leverage a passive, stable, and durable technology platform to reduce bacterial adhesion and biofouling.

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