Newsletter | February 6, 2020

02.06.20 -- European MDR Status Update | Micro Molding Considerations

Featured Editorial
The European MDR: Impetus, Impacts, And Current Status
By Zaid Al Nassir, Decision Resources Group (DRG)

This article explains the MDD’s shortcomings, details the MDR’s history, highlights expected transition timelines, describes the most significant changes, and discusses the anticipated impact on medical device markets. It has been updated through Jan. 30, 2020. 

Industry Insights
Assuring Reliability In Medical Device Manufacturing Using Automation And A Digital Factory
Article | By Ravi Subrahmanyan and Juergen Lindner, Micro Systems Technologies

Learn a fail-safe, fast response strategy for manufacturing reliable medical electronics in a controlled, data-rich, and cost-efficient environment.

Design For Manufacturing Breakthroughs: Producing Innovative Micro Medical Devices
White Paper | MTD Micro Molding

MTD offers tips and specific questions to ask when designing and producing micro medical devices. This white paper walks through considerations for popular and new material choices, application requirements, costs, production challenges, and more.

Five Considerations For Working With A Molder—Early In The Product Design Phase (Do’s And Don’ts)
Article | By Mike Driscoll, Carclo Technical Plastics

When developing a part or device for the medical or optic industries, the goal is always to get that part to market as quickly as possible. The key to doing just that: Developing a strong relationship with a molder early in the part design process.

Health Of A Quality System; The Commitment To Quality
Article | KMC Systems

For medical device manufacturers, and FDA/ISO registered facilities, the integrity of quality systems is critical. Commitment to quality requires a degree of excellence, attention to detail, and having a high set of standards.

A Novel Method For Chemical Recycling Of PLA Under Mild Conditions
White Paper | By Bruce Anneaux, Ph.D., John Campanelli, Ph.D., and Elizabeth Foley, Ph.D., Zeus

Using the newly discovered process, different grades of PLA can be removed from a stream of commingled plastics and broken down to give high-value chemicals. 

How Connectors Perform In Harsh Corrosive Environments
White Paper | By Jean-Marie Buchilly, Fischer Connectors

It is important to understand the main factors driving corrosion and how to make the best interconnection choices for a long-lasting and reliable solution. This white paper discusses the key factors in selecting the best connectivity options for even the most robust and corrosive application environments.

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