Newsletter | June 30, 2020

06.30.20 -- Examining Brazil's Medical Device Market | Integrated Driver Electronics For BLDCs

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The Importance Of Strategic Alliance Partners

Complex drug delivery systems require teamwork between biopharmaceutical companies and their drug delivery technology partners to develop innovative platforms for patient use. These alliance partners must ensure self-administered therapies are safe, easy to use, and effective. 

Automation: The Future Of Medical Device Manufacturing

The expectation for zero defects in medical devices is higher than ever. Manufacturers must find ways to achieve that expectation while reducing costs and risks. This article explains how automation can help manufacturers reach those goals.

Keys To Driving Consistent Quality In Contract Manufacturing

Complex products and supply chains present plenty of opportunities for failure, especially when new products are being developed and launched. This article discusses key ingredients to robust and advanced quality planning that is essential to quality in contract manufacturing.

Why Is Binning Different In CMOS Image Sensors Compared To CCD Image Sensors?

“Binning” is defined as the combination of the charge carrier content of two or more pixels of an image sensor to form a new so-called super pixel. This white paper discusses the reasons for the difference of “binning” in CMOS and CCD technologies and how it improves the signal-to-noise ratio.

Turning To Integrated Driver Electronics For BLDCs

Despite advantages, brushless DC motors (BLDCs) have presented their own challenges in terms of technology, design, and capabilities. However, BLDCs are evolving rapidly to become faster, smaller, more versatile, more controllable, and more cost-effective.

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