Newsletter | June 18, 2020

06.18.20 -- FDA's Transition From Computer System Validation To Computer Software Assurance

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A Balanced Distribution Of Risk: Is Your CDMO Relationship Set Up For Success?

Beware of any scenario where the word “partnership” is used only to obtain a better price and/or more aggressive terms, as this is the origin of failed relationships. A true partnership should define terms that balance the risk and reward for each party.

Assuring Reliability In Medical Device Manufacturing Using Automation And A Digital Factory

Learn a fail-safe, fast response strategy for manufacturing reliable medical electronics in a controlled, data-rich, and cost-efficient environment.

Medical Micromolding: Complex Problem-Solving

Problem solving is what drives the medical device industry. For OEMs to successfully produce medical solutions, they often need to overcome manufacturing challenges. Whether manufacturing a micro component in-house or working with another molding supplier, sometimes OEMs hit roadblocks.

Insights Into Drug Delivery Device Manufacturing From Development Through Commercialization

Biologics and other targeted therapy techniques are creating opportunities for innovative device solutions that meet the needs of specific patient groups. As these therapies often require low annual volumes, the associated device manufacturing strategy must also fit commercial expectations, even at those volumes. 

FLIR Cameras Reveal Thermal Characteristics Of Microelectronic Devices

At the University of Texas at Arlington, the team of Dr. Ankur Jain, who heads the Microscale Thermophysics Laboratory, studies a range of topics related to microscale thermal transport.

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