Newsletter | March 30, 2005

3.30.05 -- Feature Article: Receive A Casio G-Shock Watch From CYROLITE
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Featured Article
Receive A Free Casio G-Shock Watch From CYROLITE
See the performance for yourself! Trial any CYROLITE compound, and receive a very durable, highly shock-resistant Casio G-SHOCK watch. The Toughest Watch in the World...

Top News Stories
AngioDynamics Announces Release Of The TOTAL ABSCESSION General Drainage Catheter
AngioDynamics, Inc. (NASDAQ:ANGO) today announced the release of the TOTAL ABSCESSION(TM) general drainage catheter, a catheter designed to percutaneously drain abscesses and other fluid collections...

ACI Medical Announces Results Of New Study That Demonstrate Effectiveness Of Its ArtAssist Medical Device
ACI Medical, Inc. today announced positive results from a new, independent study that found its ArtAssist(R) medical device to be an effective method for improving the long-term walking capacity, and quality of life for patients with walking impairment due to arterial disease...

FDA Clears Vanguard Reprocessed Ultrasonic Scalpels
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has determined that ultrasonic scalpels reprocessed by Vanguard Medical Concepts Inc. are "substantially equivalent" to new and has cleared the company to resume sales of the product...

Featured Products
PIN Diodes
A silicon photodiode is a solid-state device that converts light into electric current. It consists of a shallow diffused p-n junction, normally a p-on-n configuration...

ADM 0620 Series Stepper Motor
The ARSAPE product program has been extended with the development of this new stepper motor. With an excellent power to volume ratio, 6 mm outer diameter, 9.3 mm length, and weighing only an amazing 1.4 grams...

Stainless Steel Tees and Elbows
Custom configured 316 stainless steel elbows and tees can be assembled from off the shelf components. Barbs, luers and threads are available, as well as the ability to fabricate custom fittings...

Solder-in Filters
Many designers have opted to semi-integrate feedthrus by soldering feedthrus directly into the housings. The solder-in feedthrus are available in a glass forward or reverse seal...

Featured Downloads
Miniature DC Drive Systems Components And Controls Brochure
Micro Mo Electronics introduces The Innovative Miniature DC Drive Systems Components and Controls Brochure. Products included in the brochure include DC-Micromotors, Precision Gearboxes, Drive Electronics, Tachometers and Encoders...
Article: In The Flow -- New Fluid Dispensing Technologies Improve Yields
New Fluid Dispensing Technologies Improve Yields In Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Life Science and Ocular Industries. Gary Cordier of EFD reports...
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