Newsletter | March 2, 2005

3.2.05 -- Feature Article: VIASYS Healthcare Inc. Announces The Acquisition Of Oxford Instruments Medical
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Top News Stories
VIASYS Healthcare Inc. Announces The Acquisition Of Oxford Instruments Medical
VIASYS Healthcare Inc. (NYSE:VAS) announced today that it has acquired the global Medical Division of Oxford Instruments plc, Oxford Instruments Medical, based in Old Woking, U.K., for GBP 24 million (approximately $46.0 million). Oxford Instruments Medical had 2004 global revenues of approximately $57 million...

Profiles Of Key Players Within The European Medical Device Market
The European medical device industry is highly competitive, where new and smaller participants find it extremely challenging to make a significant impact...

PTC Introduces PLM Solution For The Medical Device Industry
PTC (Nasdaq: PMTC), the Product Development Company(TM), today announced the general availability of the PTC Medical Device Template, combining leading, industry specific capability and consulting expertise...

Toshiba Aplio Ultrasound Demonstrates New Technique To Enhance Diagnosis And Treatment Of Heart Failure
Designed to further enhance the accuracy and efficiency of ultrasound imaging in the diagnosis and treatment of heart failure, Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc. (TAMS) today introduced Dyssynchrony Imaging(a) (DI) as the latest innovation to the Aplio(TM) CV, the company's all-digital ultrasound system for advanced cardiac applications...

Featured Products
D Series Circular Plastic Connectors
D Series Circular Plastic Connectors With New Color Coding Option. User-friendly Interconnect Feature Saves Time and Prevents Mismating ...

Frit-in-a-Ferrule Filters
Now you can filter at any point in your system where 1/16" or 1/8" OD tubing is used in a flat-bottom 1/4-28, M6 or 5/16-24 connection...

Flexible Waveguides
Suppliers of seamless, flexible and flexible twistable waveguides in BeCu, brass and phosphorous brass WR22 through WR284...

Thermistor Components - Beads
We make a complete range of precise, stable thermistor components for medical applications from temperature control for blood analyzers/samplers to DNA sequencing machines...

Qosina Stepped Connectors With Self-Sealing Sampling Port
Qosina's new Stepped Connector has a pre-cut self-sealing port for needleless sampling of fluids. A syringe can be inserted into the thermoplastic elastomer sampling site to draw fluid...

Featured Download
White Paper: Reduce Hand Fatigue In Device Assembly
Benchtop assembly processes often call for one or more fluids like adhesives, RTV silicones, epoxies or lubricants to be applied in accurate, consistent amounts...
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