Newsletter | January 5, 2005

1.05.05 -- Featured Article: Stanford Hospital Implements First 3-D Cardiac Ultrasound
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Top News Stories
Stanford Hospital Implements First 3-D Cardiac Ultrasound
Stanford Hospital cardiologists are now turning to new 3D cardiac ultrasound images to provide more precise views of all angles of the heart non-invasively. This new technology, an "intelligent" echocardiography system, just arrived, making Stanford Hospital one of the first institutions to purchase this brand new technology for patients...

Mayo Clinic Researchers Find PDAs Okay With Pacemakers
With the dynamic evolution of wireless technology, Mayo Clinic researchers have been concerned about the potential effects of electromagnetic interference on heart pacemakers and implantable cardioverter-defibrillators. the current issue of Mayo Clinic Proceedings, researchers report they did not detect interference from personal digital assistants...

Dual-Chamber Pacemakers Worth Extra Cost By Reducing Risk Of Hospitalization And Disability
More expensive pacemakers that "pace" the heart's upper and lower chambers are worth the extra cost because they can reduce the risk of hospitalization and disability in patients with heart disease, according to a study published in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association...

Imalux Corporation Receives Final FDA Clearance To Market The Niris Imaging System
Imalux Corporation has announced that the Niris System recently received market clearance from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. Imalux will begin intensive, broad-based marketing and sales efforts for the system in the first quarter of 2005...

Featured Products
Thermistor Components - Chips
YSI makes a complete range of precise, stable thermistor components for medical applications from temperature control for blood analyzers/samplers to DNA sequencing machines...

Micro Electromechanical Drive System
MicroMo's 0206 series micro motor and 02/1 micro planetary gearbox, with outer diameters of just 1.9mm, are part of the worlds smallest commercially available micro electromechanical drive system developed by the Faulhaber Group of Companies...

Electro-Mechanical Assembly
Corry Micronics offers a wide variety of electro-mechanical assembly services, including: Panel wiring, Electrical test, Accelerated life test, Through-hole circuit board assembly, and much more...

Stent Cutting
MicroGroup uses state of the art Nd YAG lasers to cut stents in prototype and production quantities. Tube with diameters up to .125" and walls thickness of up to .010" can be converted into stents...

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Brochure: HyperGrip
The user-configurable HyperGrip is color-coded, customer keyable and available in sealed and shielded configurations. The color-code and keying provide an easily recognizable system for accurate and quick connections on medical equipment. The sealing option on the HyperGrip offers IP67 protection when mated, to prevent electrical shorts. The shielding feature supplies EMI/RFI protection against interference...
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