Newsletter | January 23, 2020

01.23.20 -- Finite Element Analysis | Medtech Automation

Industry Insights
Evaluate Medical Device Design Robustness By Combining Statistical And Probabilistic Tools With Finite Element Analysis
White Paper | By Atul Gupta, Patrick Koch, and Xiangyi Liu, Dassault Systemes Americas

FEA has been used to analyze the in vivo structural response of implantable medical devices and assess device performance, reliability, and durability. In this study, FEA using Abaqus is used to demonstrate how these techniques work together to evaluate the robustness of medical device designs.

Automation: The Future Of Medical Device Manufacturing
Article | By Raghu Vadlamudi and Brian Woolery, Donatelle

The expectation for zero defects in medical devices is higher than ever. Manufacturers must find ways to achieve that expectation while reducing costs and risks. This article explains how automation can help manufacturers reach those goals.

How Can Extreme Geometries Solve Dental Light Delivery Challenges?
Article | By Philipp Muders, SCHOTT North America, Inc. - Lighting and Imaging

New fabrication technology is enabling rigid fiber light guide geometries that were previously impossible. This advancement is enabling smaller instruments and new designs for dental handpieces featuring illumination and curing devices.

A Balanced Distribution Of Risk: Is Your CDMO Relationship Set Up For Success?
Article | KMC Systems

Beware of any scenario where the word “partnership” is used only to obtain a better price and/or more aggressive terms, as this is the origin of failed relationships. A true partnership should define terms that balance the risk and reward for each party.

When Glass Vials Fail At Low Temps, Consider A Cyclic Olefin Polymer System
Article | West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.

If the glass vial for a biologic drug experiences breakage, or does not maintain container closure integrity, a cyclic olefin polymer (i.e., Daikyo Crystal Zenith COP) system may be the solution.


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