Newsletter | December 15, 2020

12.15.20 -- Fluid Management Equipment Market Poised For Growth In Europe

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Keys To Successful Design For Manufacturability

A product’s manufacturability is influenced by the materials used, requested tolerances, part geometry, process control limitations, and more. A successful DFM process considers each of these factors from the start.

Innovation Is Personal: Cleveland Clinic Alliance Spurs Med Advances

Last year, a family member was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Fortunately, the story has a happy ending. A year later, she is cancer-free, thanks to an innovative, life-saving procedure that wasn’t available not that long ago.

The Increasing Impact Of Speed And Miniaturization On Rugged Connector Selection

Design engineers are challenged to pump increasing amounts of data through smaller and smaller spaces. This paper provides a step-by-step process for rugged connector selection that takes the new realities engineers face today into consideration, such as speed and miniaturization.

A Complete Outsourcing Partner Has Expertise To Turn Ideas Into Reality

B. Braun’s OEM Division can help companies with packaging, sterilization, and regulatory compliance as an OEM partner. 

Custom Injection Molding With Product Design Teams

Crafting RFQs can be a time-consuming and difficult process; hence, the race by suppliers to shorten the time to provide quotes, with some even offering “instant” quotations. But is this really a good thing for complex, custom injection molding projects?

Health Of A Quality System; The Commitment To Quality

For medical device manufacturers and FDA/ISO-registered facilities, the integrity of quality systems is critical. Ensuring the quality system is suitable, efficient, and effective for business needs and customers is a key focus. 

Reducing Bacterial Adhesion And Biofouling On Medical Device Surfaces: An Interview With Jeannette Ho

This interview with Jeannette Ho, the head of surface modification at Evonik, discusses opportunities for medical device companies to leverage a passive, stable, and durable technology platform to reduce bacterial adhesion and biofouling.

Current Trends And Approaches To Manage Your Medical Device Regulatory Content

Gaining the right product approvals and certificates for major markets is fundamental both to succeed and to ensure safety and effectiveness of every medical device. Properly defined and prepared submission reports help ensure that the submission contains the appropriate information requested by the various regulatory bodies for the specific product classification.

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