Newsletter | March 2, 2021

03.02.21 -- Germany's Digital Medical Device Regulations: A Framework For The World To Follow, Part II

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Look, Ma! I Solved These Wearable Device Challenges

Wearable medical devices bear expectations of medical-grade efficacy, plus consumer-grade comfort and aesthetic appeal. Micro molded thermoplastic parts help OEMs live up to these expectations.

NovaPure Stoppers - The Right Choice For Oncology Drugs

Vial containment systems with NovaPure elastomer stoppers offer substantial performance benefits with their enhanced dimension control, reduced particle levels, inspection of every stopper, and use of FluroTec® film. This article presents the performance of the film and illustrates why NovaPure stoppers should be the choice for sensitive drug products such as those for oncology.

Trimmer Capacitor Considerations In Practice

Trimmer capacitors are variable components used to calibrate RF circuits during manufacturing or servicing. These components allow for variable tuning -- think oscillator frequency values or rise and fall times. Should values drift over the life of the device, trimmer capacitors can be recalibrated.

Moisture And Oxygen Risk In The Medical Device Industry

The majority of medical device packaging is porous in nature. Some medical devices require a different layer of defense protecting against oxygen or moisture ingress. Any time a foil barrier comes into play with a high-risk application, detection of microleaks is absolutely critical to assuring the shelf-life of the products.

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