Newsletter | March 16, 2021

03.16.21 -- Germany's Digital Medical Device Regulations: A Framework For The World To Follow, Part III

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Less Is More: How LEAN Processes Can Bolster Profits And Sustainability

LEAN manufacturing is an important extension of controlled operations that comes with benefits in limiting costs, boosting profits, reducing waste, and improving sustainability. But how can device manufacturers learn, adopt, implement, and make LEAN manufacturing principles part of everyday operations?

The Price Of Reliability: Considerations For Buyers

By making a small component change, one could extend an implantable medical device's reliability and lifespan by preventing battery-related complications. This paper explores the cost of device failures and discusses how proper testing and supplier considerations can help capacitor sourcing.

Delivering On LSR Market Demands For Critical Cardiac Component

A global medical device company came to Donatelle for help perfecting a silicon seal component to meet the new ISO 27186:2010 standard. In this case, a seal with micro-features is needed to reliably isolate the four-pole electrical contacts between the pacemaker and defibrillator and fit inside the 6.3-mm medical device.

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