Newsletter | February 16, 2021

02.16.21 -- Germany's New Digital Medical Device Regulations | 3 Tips For Designing At-Home Monitoring Devices

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Beyond The Quote: Total Cost Of Ownership With Supply Chain Partnerships

Critical components cannot be sourced like simple parts; they demand greater vendor/customer collaboration, profound depth of knowledge, and a supplier committed more to the relationship than the sale.

Selecting The Right Tooling For High-Quality, Cost-Effective Molded Parts

Using the right combination of tooling and design for injection-molded parts will help ensure high-quality and cost-effective manufacturing.

Using Non-Magnetic Capacitors For Medical Imaging Applications

This article discusses the use of non-magnetic capacitors for medical imaging applications.

NOVO Turns To Machining And Molding For Medical Device Prototyping

NOVO Engineering is a design engineering firm that specializes in product development. In this Q&A, topics of discussion include how digital manufacturing fits within NOVO’s design process and the challenges the company overcame during the development of a new medical device.

5 Ways Manufacturers Optimize Consumables Programs With RFID

RFID technology helps manufacturers that rely on repeat sales of consumable components combat threats to profitability and performance while ensuring superior operability for their end-use customers. This white paper further discusses the benefits of RFID technology and presents five ways that it may be used to optimize consumables programs.

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