Newsletter | June 10, 2021

06.10.21 -- Harnessing The Power Of AI In MS Diagnosis, Monitoring, And Treatment

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Keeping You Safe In The ‘Pool’ Of Manufacturing

Protolabs provides medical device and medtech companies with a dramatically reduced level of risk. Working with us directly, you know the ability of everyone in our “pool,” so you don’t have to white-knuckle it, wondering where and how your parts are being produced. 

Keys To Successful Design For Manufacturability

A product’s manufacturability is influenced by the materials used, requested tolerances, part geometry, process control limitations, and more. A successful DFM process considers each of these factors from the start.

Reducing Bacterial Adhesion And Biofouling On Medical Device Surfaces: An Interview With Jeannette Ho

This interview with Jeannette Ho, the head of surface modification at Evonik, discusses opportunities for medical device companies to leverage a passive, stable, and durable technology platform to reduce bacterial adhesion and biofouling.

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