High-Performance APD Module with USB Interface

Source: First Sensor AG

High-Performance APD Module with USB Interface

The new APD modules of First Sensor features a low-noise Si Avalanche photodiode with a pre-amplifier and integrated voltage supply. The module also compensates for temperature so that it operates at a constant amplification with ultra-high reliability across a wide temperature range.

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The module achieves a very high APD signal quality by means of multi-stage amplification and ensures a high cut-off frequency in addition to a very low equivalent noise power (NEP). The matt black miniature aluminum housing reduces scattered radiation and facilitates space-saving integration in OEM devices. The APD development module features a user-friendly software control system via a USB interface for optimum ease of use.

The development module and the integrated APD can be adapted to meet individual customer requirements, e.g. in relation to the characteristics of the photodiode, the amplification and the bandwidth. The module can be fitted with an optical fiber on demand.

Special Features

  • Temperature compensated power supply
  • Avalanche photodiode, amplification and bandwidth can be customized to meet individual requirements
  • Miniature aluminium housing
  • Software control via USB interface


  • Test runs in research and development
  • Laboratory measurements
  • Medical and analysis devices

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