Newsletter | March 29, 2021

03.29.21 -- High Performance Electronic Components For Medical Implantable Devices And MRI

Using Non-Magnetic Capacitors For Medical Imaging Applications

The resolution, or clarity, of an MRI image is dependent on the strength of the magnetic field. Ancillary equipment and magnetic components inside the MRI scanner tunnel can alter the field strength, so it is vital that components, such as capacitors, are non-magnetic to preserve the desired field strength.

A Balancing Act: Cost vs. Reliability For Medical Device Development

Mobile capabilities and complicated software continue to change the way devices are designed. For a medical device development company, when applying the business lens, balancing value and reliability is a constant consideration. Patient safety is paramount; however, making effective cost decisions becomes increasingly complex when other factors are on the line.

When Reliability Is Paramount: Selecting Capacitors For Life-Critical Applications

Technological innovation in the medical device space has continued to superminiaturize electronic circuits and advance capacitor materials and design; medical implantables, in particular, have seen rapid development over a short time span. Advances in implantable medical devices continue to improve patient outcomes in a range of applications from pacemakers to pain management and glucose monitoring.