Newsletter | July 22, 2021

07.22.21 -- How Is Medtech Design Evolving -- And Are You Keeping Up?

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Why Extruded Tubes May Be Your Best Medical Device Packaging Option

Protecting your valuable medical products is of the utmost importance, but it often comes with a hefty price tag and unforeseen challenges. Rigid extruded tubes (ExT) can offer an affordable, customizable, durable, reusable, and sterilizable packaging option for your medical product.

Airborne Ultrasound Technology For Efficient Medical Device Package Inspection

Medical device quality control inspection is considered to be highly significant in ensuring safe delivery of medical devices from their place of origin to the market. However, tremendous development in medical technologies have challenged the medical device packaging industry to ensure quality and reliability in packaging.

Supporting Medical Advancement At Knowles Precision Devices

Knowles Precision Devices (KPD) handles the specialty components that go in the systems that can’t quit. One area of expertise is high-reliability capacitors for medical devices and medical implantable devices.

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