Newsletter | October 15, 2020

10.15.20 -- How To Prove Device Trustworthiness

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Don’t Let A Shrinking Supply Chain Hinder Innovation

Many medical device companies are shrinking their supply bases, causing innovation challenges. This article explores some of the challenges medical device companies face in selecting their long-term supply chain partners and what characteristics those partners should have.

The Importance Of Strategic Alliance Partners

Complex drug delivery systems require teamwork between biopharmaceutical companies and their drug delivery technology partners to develop innovative platforms for patient use. These alliance partners must ensure self-administered therapies are safe, easy to use, and effective. 

Keys To Driving Consistent Quality In Contract Manufacturing

Complex products and supply chains present plenty of opportunities for failure, especially when new products are being developed and launched. This article discusses key ingredients to robust and advanced quality planning that is essential to quality in contract manufacturing.

Mold Flow Analysis For Injection Molding

Mold flow analysis is not required for the injection molding process. But maybe it should be, especially considering it can help to predict manufacturing issues before production starts.

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