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10.27.22 -- Industry 4.0 Software Methodologies In Biopharma & Medical Devices

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Accelerating Novel Therapies To The Market

The formulations for novel therapeutics require flexibility to support adaptive sterile manufacturing and an integrated approach for a path from development to small batch manufacturing to commercialization.

Micro Molded Optics: Bringing Clarity To Medicine

Partnering with an experienced micro molder who can offer design input and has advanced equipment and tooling capabilities can help manufacturers create innovative and complex optical-based components for medical instruments.

How Medical Devices Are Making Big Strides In Miniaturization

In this paper, Lindsay Mann, director of marketing for MTD Micro Molding, tells MD+DI that about 25% of the micro medical device components they produce are for miniaturized devices. This article also gives an update on miniaturization, including recent advancements in materials and manufacturing.

Hostaform MT POM ECO-B: Proven Versatile, Easy, And Environmentally Sustainable

There is a need for environmentally sustainable materials in the medical device industry, and Celanese’s Hostaform MT POM ECO-B fills the gap. From feasibility to development to commercialization, Celanese’s scientists and engineers are there to provide development services, GMP material supply, and regulatory support.

Tech Talk: LFN Series Solenoid Valve

The Lee Company's solenoid valve features a unique flow path geometry and fast switching response that allows for a fully swept volume to ensure sample integrity and test processing efficiency. Furthermore, the LFN Series is constructed of inert materials to further enhance system performance and compatibility with a broad range of assays.

Enhancing Endoscopy With Optical Filters

While white-light reflectance (WLR) imaging has become the standard for in vivo diagnosis using “conventional endoscopy,” this white paper details three alternatives — or supplements — to WLR that leverage the wavelength selectivity provided by optical filters.

Personalized Medical Devices: A Guide To Mass Customization For Medical Applications

Personalized medical devices have the potential to change the practice of orthopedics, reconstructive surgery, prosthetics, orthotics, dentistry, and even veterinary medicine.

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