Newsletter | July 30, 2020

07.30.20 -- Injection Molded Plastics In Medical Device Design

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Pharma Manufacturers Should Get Cleaning Validation Support From Supplier

Cleaning validation is a necessary and time-consuming part of manufacturing pharmaceuticals. The validation process can be expedited and cost reduced if the cleaner supplier can provide support.

Assuring Component Reliability In Medical Electronic Devices

Rapid technology advances in medical microelectronics, driven by increased service life, miniaturization, lack of redundancy, and functional integration, require a rigorous methodology to assure reliability. 

Five Considerations For Working With A Molder Early In The Product Design Phase (Do’s And Don’ts)

When developing a part or device for the medical or optic industries, the goal is always to get that part to market as quickly as possible. The key to doing just that: developing a strong relationship with a molder early in the part design process.

Why Extruded Tubes May Be Your Best Medical Device Packaging Option

Protecting your valuable medical products is of the utmost importance, but it often comes with a hefty price tag and unforeseen challenges. Rigid extruded tubes (ExT) can offer an affordable, customizable, durable, reusable, and sterilizable packaging option for your medical product.

How Thin Can We Go?

One of the most common questions from medical OEMs seems simple: How thin can we go? But the answer is: it depends. One of the main factors is material choice. 

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