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06.07.22 -- Intelligent Analysis of 3D Pathology Imaging Adds New Dimension To Precision Diagnosis

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Understanding Risks Of Biologic Drugs And Injectable Drug-Device Combination Products

As the benefits of delivering biologic drugs as part of a combination product platform are realized, this self-administration trend will continue to grow. From a regulatory perspective, the use of a risk-based approach is foundational.

How To Establish High-Quality, Sustainable, Dock-To-Stock Programs

Effective dock-to-stock programs ensure optimal outcomes by identifying risks up front, setting clear timelines, and assigning unambiguous responsibilities to all shareholders.

The Future Of Virtual Healthcare

The shift to virtual care is transforming healthcare. Thanks to ever-improving technologies and digital tools, virtual care was gaining traction before the COVID-19 pandemic, but it accelerated dramatically last year as providers and patients sought ways to minimize the virus’ spread.

As High-Tech Biomedical Devices Shrink, So Do The Optics

As the uses for optical technology for biomedical research and healthcare continue to grow, the desire for smaller light-based devices has manufacturers looking at micromolding.

CNC Machining: Designing For Speed

Even 3D printing relies on and owes its existence to machining. This white paper talks about the continuous importance of CNC machining, how to optimize parts for machining, and things to look for in a machining partner.

How To Optimize And Accelerate The 3D Printing And Testing Of Bioresorbable Device Parts

The convergence of modern 3D printing technologies such as selective laser sintering (SLS), fused filament fabrication (FFF), and bioplotters with a new generation of custom bioresorbable polymers in powder, filament, and granule is revolutionizing what’s possible in the development of bioresorbable medical device parts.

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