Company Profile | January 1, 1996

intraneous tubing, filtration systems, gas caolescers, membranes, PVDF, separation systems

intraneous tubing, filtration systems, gas caolescers, membranes, PVDF, separation systems

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OEM manufacturers will find the most extensive selection of filter media, housings, and connectors available from the health care filtration specialists with Pall Medical. With thousands of options for air, gas and liquid filtration, our products are manufactured in state-of-the-art production facilities, with procedures and processes that adhere to ISO 9001 and EN 46002. Offering exceptional consistency, our product line has been engineered to meet the critical requirements of specific medical applications, including drug delivery, general surgery, and renal care applications. For example, our gardian 5 air-eliminating filter contains Supor, our patented polyethersulfone membrane, making it ideal for intravenous applications. It delivers exceptional throughput and high flow rates, while ensuring that tiny particles do not reach the patient, preventing potential phlebitis. The Intervene 7 gas filter is equipped with Pallflex, a hydrophobic glass media that offers bacterial retention, while protecting both the patient and equipment from cross contamination. Its low-profile design fits into tightly confined spaces, making it an exceptional choice for insufflation applications.

Rather than turning to yet another vendor for materials, Pall Medical now offers IV Components to augment its drug delivery product line. Manufacturers can select from tubing, connectors, valves, along with many other high-quality products, to complete their drug delivery needs.

To learn more about our extensive product line, our technical sales specialists are always available to consult with you regarding your specific application. Visit us on the Internet to custom configure a device with our automated Device Configurator, or use your mouse to examine a 3-D product photographs. Click here and you can learn more about Pall Medical, view frequently-asked questions, contact customer support, or request technical product literature.