Newsletter | June 1, 2021

06.01.21 -- ISO 10993-23: The "Step-Wise" Approach To Evaluate Potential Irritants In Medical Devices Becomes Effective

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Optical Design And Manufacturing: Challenges And Uses In Medical Applications

Injection-molded optics offer medical device and equipment manufacturers a timely, robust, and high-quality component option — but not all molders can deliver on the promise of this technology.

Dipcoating With UV Curing Process For Medical Coatings

DSM Biomedical offers hydrophilic, lubricious, non-biofouling coating technologies. DSM offers ready-to-use coating reagents that can be applied onto a range of substrates using various coating techniques. This video gives a demonstration of the most widely used application process for DSM’s medical coatings, specifically a dipcoating with a UV curing process.

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