Newsletter | October 8, 2020

10.08.20 -- ISO's Updated 22442 Animal Tissue Standards | Digital Manufacturing + Supply Chain

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Industry Insights
The Value Of A BD Integrated System For Combination Products

The growing complexity and regulatory rigor of combination products have called for increasingly innovative delivery devices. This article looks at the advantages of using an integrated system for these drug-device combination products rather than sourcing components from different suppliers.

Supporting Medical Advancement At Knowles Precision Devices

Knowles Precision Devices (KPD) handles the specialty components that go in the systems that can’t quit. One area of expertise is high-reliability capacitors for medical devices and medical implantable devices.

Digital Manufacturing Enables A Robust Supply Chain

Digital manufacturing uses technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and machine learning (ML) to connect services, supply chains, products, and processes. In doing so, it provides greater visibility into the entire supply chain.

Standards Always Sound Impressive, But Is There Any Benefit For Me As An sCMOS Camera User?

EMVA1288, a standard for the specification and measurement of machine vision sensors and cameras, creates transparency by defining reliable and exact measurement procedures, as well as data presentation guidelines, and makes comparison of cameras and image sensors easier. 

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