Newsletter | February 1, 2020

02.01.20 -- January's Most Popular Articles & Solutions

Top Featured Editorial
Design Of Experiments 101: Understanding DOE’s Foundational Elements
By Mark Durivage, Quality Systems Compliance LLC

DOE is a very powerful tool that can be used to characterize a process. This article discusses several types of experiments, as well as the basic statistical tools and techniques, that can be used when performing a DOE.

ISO 10993: Considerations For Drug Delivery Devices
By Michael Song, Ph.D.

A host of factors come into play when evaluating biocompatibility, including how the medical device is sterilized, how the device is used, what body parts it makes contact with, and selecting testing approaches.

Teva Develops First FDA-Approved, Digitally Integrated Inhaler
By Ed Miseta, chief editor, Clinical Leader

Two challenges have plagued asthma sufferers and researchers for years. The first is patients not adhering to their maintenance medication. The other is patients not using proper inhaler technique. A new digitally integrated inhaler from Teva hopes to eliminate both problems.

Top Industry Insights
From “Guess” To “Best”: How Infrared Cameras Are Increasing Accuracy And Insight In Product Testing
White Paper | FLIR Systems, Inc - Research & Science

This article explores how infrared (IR) cameras deliver a major data-gathering advantage over legacy approaches to temperature measurement, an advantage that can prevent costly product failures and safety hazards, providing an immediate and ongoing return on investment.

There's No Crying In Medical Manufacturing!
Article | By Annie Cashman, Protolabs, Inc.

Much like the game of baseball, medical manufacturing can be complex, demanding, and everchanging. And it's hard. But "the hard... is what makes it great."

Automation: The Future Of Medical Device Manufacturing
Article | By Raghu Vadlamudi and Brian Woolery, Donatelle

The expectation for zero defects in medical devices is higher than ever. Manufacturers must find ways to achieve that expectation while reducing costs and risks. This article explains how automation can help manufacturers reach those goals.

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