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06.09.22 -- Key Design Considerations For Digitally Connected Injectors

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The Growth Of Biocompatible Silicone In Implantable Medical Devices

Silicone’s biocompatibility and stability when implanted within the human body for short-term or long-term applications have made it a highly popular material for implantable medical devices. This article offers a brief overview of the history of biocompatible silicone, new testing and standards, and the issues regarding biocompatibility and patient safety.

More Than Tracking: How RFID Protects Patients And Medtech Users

RFID technology provides life sciences applications with product and component traceability while safeguarding against human error, unsterilized tools, outdated materials, and more.

Clearing The Hurdles Of Medical Device Prototyping

Material costs, functionality, and turnaround times are major obstacles in medical device prototyping. This article presents tools and techniques to overcome them and explains how the right partner can ensure medical devices are brought to market quickly.

Cutting Production Costs Without Sacrificing Quality

Medtechs that have pursued foreign markets are having success in terms of both production costs and product quality. The key is finding the right partners to assist in the venture. This article discusses examples of medical device companies that have expanded their markets worldwide.

Elements Of Design: Dealing With Suspect Parts

Injection molding has numerous key parameters that must tie together in order to make a repeatable molding process. Learn about a solution that utilizes cavity pressure curves, key process parameter tolerances, and automation to automatically reject parts that do not make the cut in the molding process.

Specialty LCP Compounds For Electronics Integration

In this article, Young Kim, Ph.D., senior principal engineer/chemist; Don DeMello, principal engineer field development; and Philip Wilson, Ph.D., marketing director medical, all of Celanese, discuss the benefits of recent advances in liquid crystal polymer for connected medical devices.

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