Newsletter | April 3, 2021

04.03.21 -- March's Most Popular Articles & Solutions

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Look, Ma! I Solved These Wearable Device Challenges

Wearable medical devices bear expectations of medical-grade efficacy, plus consumer-grade comfort and aesthetic appeal. Micro molded thermoplastic parts help OEMs live up to these expectations.

Reducing The Surface Friction Of Medical Devices - A New Functional Application For A Commercial Biomaterials Surface Modification Technology

Devices such as introducer sheaths, delivery catheters, endoscopes, and neurovascular microcatheters aim to minimize trauma during insertion and removal, reduce tissue inflammation, enable maneuverability through tortuous blood vessels, and improve patient comfort. Surface properties should promote smooth movement between certain device components.

Finding The Ideal Balance — Where Risk And Cost Of Quality Meet

It is a constant challenge to keep improving product value for customers while reducing overall costs. Part of the solution resides in the functional activities of the risk involved and the cost of quality management. This article delves further into the ideas behind finding the ideal balance of where risk and cost of quality meet.

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