Newsletter | July 21, 2020

07.21.20 -- MDR's Impact: EU Trauma Device Market

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How To Leverage Microcurrent High-Voltage Leak Detection Technologies

How to use HVLD in the pharmaceutical industry — leveraging test method development on some products to validate other products.

Less Is More: How LEAN Processes Can Bolster Profits And Sustainability

LEAN manufacturing is an important extension of controlled operations that comes with benefits in limiting costs, boosting profits, reducing waste, and improving sustainability. But, how can device manufacturers learn, adopt, implement, and make LEAN manufacturing principles part of everyday operations?

Emerging Trends In Wearable Technology Across Several Markets

This white paper provides an overview of trends in wearable technology and discusses emerging applications with a focus on healthcare, industry, robotics, defense, and sport. Examples discuss the impact of wearables in users’ lives and how they improve health, safety, convenience, and performance.

Custom Injection Molding With Product Design Teams

Crafting RFQs can be a time-consuming and difficult process; hence, the race by suppliers to shorten the time to provide quotes, with some even offering “instant” quotations. But, is this really a good thing for complex, custom injection molding projects?

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