Medical Micromolding

Medical Micromolding

MTD Micromolding is solely committed to providing the highest quality micromolding services of advanced medical products. MTD offers their innovative skills in exploring and producing very small, delicate, and intricate components required for advanced medical applications and products such as specialized surgeries, bioabsorbable devices, and implant devices. With a constant demand for newer, smaller, never-before-seen micro medical devices, MTD is also prepared to assist their strategic partners in the development of new solutions.

The correct materials in product manufacturability drive tolerance, dimension, strength, usability, design, speed-to-market, cost, and other critical features. MTD provides customers with over 15 years of measureable expertise in selecting the right materials that will yield the best results for each product and application. They offer a range of thermoplastics and bioresorbables with the most advanced technologies, and are able to support a variety of medical categories including cardiac, biomed pharma, pharmaceutical, neurosurgical, bronchoscopy, oncology, urology, orthopedic, endoscopy, drug delivery, and much more.

MTD Micromolding Capabilities and Services Include:

  • Micromolding
  • Medical Products and Components
  • In-house Tooling
  • Materials Processing
  • Micro Flow Analysis
  • Quality and Metrology

For more information on the different services that MTD has to offer, as well as the benefits of choosing them as your micromolding partner, download the Capabilities and Services Brochure. Download the Materials Guide for more on MTD’s bioresorbable and thermoplastic materials.