Newsletter | January 21, 2020

01.21.20 -- Medical Research With Thermal Imaging | Micromolded Optics In Medicine

Industry Insights
Medical Research With FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras
Application Note | FLIR Systems, Inc - Research & Science

Tissue autofluorescence spectroscopy is utilized in a variety of biomedical research for differentiating between diseased and normal tissues. This app note discusses how researchers used FLIR cameras and ResearchIR software to work to gain a greater understanding of this surgical tool.

Are Large Image Sensors A Perfect Fit For Large Field Of View Microscope Applications?
White Paper | PCO-TECH Inc.

Microscope manufacturers have increased their field of vision on the cameras connected to their microscopes to offer more information to their users. This paper delves into the relationship between resolution, magnification, spectral range, and pixel size of image sensors.

Ultra-Thin Base Materials Take PCB Miniaturization To The Next Level
Article | By Daniel Schulze, Micro Systems Technologies

New approaches are needed to meet demand for smaller, thinner electronic devices. Rigid and flexible ultra-thin base materials for PCBs can fill this need, but it’s important to collaborate with a manufacturer that has advanced engineering services to ensure a compact, cost-effective, reliable design.

Micromolded Optics: Bringing Clarity To Medicine
Article | By Rick Brown, Accumold

Partnering with an experienced micromolder who can offer design input and has advanced equipment and tooling capabilities can help manufacturers create innovative and complex optical-based components for medical instruments.

Shorten Time-To-Market By Thinking About Protective Parts Early
Article | Caplugs

Partnering with a trusted supplier of protective plugs and caps can save money, ensure your medical device is ready to ship on time, and protect your device from damage.

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