Newsletter | March 12, 2020

03.12.20 -- Medtech Patents in China | PCB Base Materials

Featured Editorial
Medtech Patents In China: New Guidance From China
By Nathan Smith and Shaobin Zhu

We identify some of the key takeaways from the amended China Guidance for Patent Examination that medtech companies should consider in their Chinese patent portfolio strategies.

Industry Insights
Glass-Sealed Connectors Help Increase The Longevity And Reliability Of Medical Devices
Article | By Jochen Herzberg, SCHOTT North America Inc.

Glass-to-metal sealing technology, already used in other harsh-environment applications such as aviation, aerospace, and automotive safety, has emerged as an ideal solution in the development and manufacture of medical connectors.

Ultra-Thin Base Materials Take PCB Miniaturization To The Next Level
Article | By Daniel Schulze, Micro Systems Technologies

New approaches are needed to meet demand for smaller, thinner electronic devices. Rigid and flexible ultra-thin base materials for PCBs can fill this need, but it’s important to collaborate with a manufacturer that has advanced engineering services to ensure a compact, cost-effective, reliable design.

The Only Validation Approach That Gets — And Keeps — Your Molded Part In Spec
White Paper | By Bob Emmett and Luke Lorson, Carclo Technical Plastics

When subcontracting medical or optic injection-molded components, do you carefully evaluate your molder’s validation process? There is only one approach that is proven to keep your molded parts “in spec” — decoupled molding.

Why Are There Special Interfaces For The Transmission Of Image Data?
White Paper | PCO-TECH Inc.

The amount of image data that must be transferred to computers for storage and processing is continuously increasing. This paper discusses the progression of camera interfaces, and how they are continuously improved to enable reliable streaming data transfer from the camera to the computer.

Empowering Proper Selection Of Motor Technology
White Paper | Ametek Haydon Kerk Pittman

While there is no shortage of available electric motor technologies, an initial narrowing of the field for electronics industry applications will often direct attention to several types. This white paper delves into the basic selection factors in motor technologies.

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